It’s Utterly Ridiculous To Say I Bribed Justice Ademola At President Buhari’s Behest – Kola Awodein, SAN


“The very simple and plain facts are as follows:
“I have known as a friend and for well over 35 years Mr. Justice Niyi
Ademola, a notorious fact known to majority of lawyers who have practiced
especially in Lagos for over that same period more or less and also to so
many other professionals of other disciplines and other prominent and not
so prominent Nigerians.

“It is a fact that the sum of money mentioned was personally paid by me as
a friend to Mr. Justice Ademola as a personal gift, as our custom well
recognizes and demands, on the occasion of his daughter’s High Society
wedding solemnized at the Cathedral Church of Christ, Marina, Lagos, on the
9th of May 2015, which I attended in person.

“I was fully convinced then, as I remain today, that I could do no less as
a friend of longstanding to fairly reasonably support him on that memorable
occasion of his daughter’s wedding.
“Anyone and everyone who knows me would readily and unquestionably testify
that I am and have always been a man of impeccable integrity on and off the
Courts and that such a record speaks always loudly for itself.

“I would conclude by stating categorically and without any equivocation
that ANY link whatsoever with Mr. President, or any court case or cases,
of my personal gift from my personal resources delivered to Justice Niyi
Ademola by myself on that occasion or any suggestion whatsoever that it was
anything but such a gift or that it ever came from Mr. President or at his
instance or that I was acting, under any circumstances, on his behalf is
most malicious, utterly ridiculous and in very very poor and revolting
taste and most undeserving of any further comments.”