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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Chief John Odigie-Oyegun

National Party Chairman

John Odigie Oyegun (born 12 August 1939) is the first national chairman of All Progressives Congress (APC) in Nigeria. He was also the Executive Governor of Edo State between 1992 and 1993, during the aborted Nigerian Third Republic.

John Odigie Oyegun was born on August 12, 1939, in Warri, Delta State. He attended St. Patrick’s College, Asaba, and then went to the University of Ibadan where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Economics. He then served in various capacities as a federal civil servant working as a development planner.

Political career
Chief John Oyegun was elected as civilian governor of Edo State on the SDP platform, during the transition to democracy launched by General Ibrahim Babangida and served from January 1992 to November 1993. He was removed from office after General Sani Abacha seized power. Later, he became a leader of the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP). In 2009 he was chairman of the Technical Working Committee of CODER.

On 13 June 2014 Odigie-Oyegun was elected as national chairman of the APC. Bola Tinubu of Lagos State, the APC national leader, is thought to have played an important role in the decision. The choice of Oyegun, from the mostly Christian south of the country, is calculated to win both Christian and Moslem voters in the challenge to President Goodluck Jonathan’s People’s Democratic Party (PDP).